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scrap binatone 66 needed

Posted: 10 Jan 2022, 15:09
by andrew013
anybody got a japanese binatone 66 with a perfect t 3 coil , i did loads of repairs to get it working and only the 1 bit left to fix
i was givin the radio to look at years ago kid wasnt botherd about getting it back so i just kept it but i would love to get it fixed as its so close to working now its been sitting in my "it will get done eventually pile " and now that im on the sick with sciatica now is the time to try i guess
i think its red in colour its been that long since i saw the 3 t coil i now there are 2 versions of the board and one has t3 and the other dosnt i think but like i say its been a long long time
cheers if you can help

still looking cheers