Posting pictures FAQ, PLEASE READ

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Posting pictures FAQ, PLEASE READ

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Posting Pictures FAQ:

Please keep all pictures to a resolution of 800x600 pixels maximum size, 640x480 is the preferred size for your image to be legible by other users.

Overly large pictures will be removed unless the user reposts the picture at the correct size. Excessively large pictures on the forums slows the site access down for everybody, destroys the continuity of the site, and is inconsiderate for those users that have slow internet connections. However, if you feel that a larger picture is required, you can post up a link to the picture to show it in its full glory (see links FAQ for this).

TM1 allows each user a 8Mb allowance for uploading pictures of your radio gear. Alternatively, sites such as Photobucket, Picturetrail and the like can be used. Create a user account to host pictures on a picture sharing site as outlined, making sure they are the correct size. Pictures can be downsized using an image creation program of some description, like Paintshop Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and suchlike.

Copy and past the link that starts and ends in square brackets. Which will read something like:

[IMG ] ... newrig.jpg[ /IMG]

(spaces used to demonstrate link)

Copy and paste this to your forum post, and there you have it. A nicely sized picture for us all to enjoy.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask the forum moderators. Thanks.
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