FAQ - How to Add Website Links to Posts

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FAQ - How to Add Website Links to Posts

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How to add web links on forum posts ** PLEASE READ **

When posting links in ANY of the forums please use the format below:
(but include the link you want to post) to ensure we don?t end up with massive links disrupting the layout.

Descriptor method:
A descriptor of the link can be placed where it would read as "LINK".. Upon clicking it, it would then head off to the link contained within. Clever eh?

This is done by the following: [url=http://www.yourlinkhere,com]Followed by LINK DESCRIPTION (e.g. my rig on ebay, click here)


and add
at the end

So it reads [url = http://www.yourlinkhere.com ] my link [ / url ]

(remove the spaces, as they are used to demonstrate what it would look like.

Tinyurl.com is a real nice site that is good at shortening links so that they are easier to type in, and make note of, or memorize

Goto http://www.tinyurl.com

Copy the link that you want to use in the section where it says "Enter a long URL to make tiny" and then click on "Make TinyURL"

Copy the result, and add to your forum post.

Any questions, please PM a moderator, or Admin. Thanks.
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