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Re: CB RoIP?

Post by 26mb04 »

Keep up the good work, I haven't used my DIY zello gateway recently because I've had other priorities. I'm still very much interested in seeing how this plays out.
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Re: CB RoIP?

Post by rpcomms »

Hello 26MB04
yes,I instead too having now literally spent hundreds and hundreds of hours R&D on this project,not just the interface but ,contacting mfrs,emails,pushing for CTCSS,researching ctcss modules,4g routers,voice scrambling options,ariel types,ground isolations,installation optimising performance tests,local RFI\EMI reducing of base installations,PSU types (removing smp issue snow resolved & know why ),mesh linking via zello,backup system if internet goes down Parrot modes,Parrot software/hardware research and contacting software engineers,UPS AC UPS DC systems,racking and enclosures,icom IDAS,Icom 4G PTT LTE,PMR446idas connectivity and code plugs,CB hardware connectivity,in car mobile gateways with x-band linking,mobile car pc,running desktop pc of dc-dc ATX power boards god the list just goes on and on
Plus pcb design cad,parts,BOMs,etc
Ive tried to iron out every possible Bug and failure point,interfacing,and redundancy systems as I want the system very robust,not slap dash chucked together.

Zello backbone "mesh-linking"bases-done tested,yes can link bases to bases to bases to form a meshed system
Zello devices tested via wifi and wired ethernet,plus tested abroad linked back to uk,for lag checking issues with hardware
some issues were found,like jamming ptt if base radio turned off! (resolved)
Lack of backup power supply systems,was another key issue for pc,radio,interface unit-def a must have
Back up alternative internet and failure points-so that was another key issue,with internet service providers,I found 4G routers were the most reliable in end ditching any cabled internet service provider,just too many links in chain for failure points,which it did!
Ariel testing of bases for saturated coverage area in a typical urban environment and height factor (ground affect on Line of Sight comms use)-for 27mhz 65ft mast from ground worked best
1/4 ground plane 3 leg radials (light weight,lesswind loading at height,less metal in air)
1/2wave vertical (inc J Pole-Ground Plane version we developed\fixed the design faults)@65ft
terrain hilly surrounding area

At height say located on a high spot,a lower angle radiation pattern was required like a proper ground plane 5/8 for Line of sight system use(NOT DXING!!! ),as we want to optimise for Line of sight ONLY .

Fully Isolated Ground isolator RF transformers killed off Earth to dc ground issues with SMP power supplies and the mast earthing of ariel,I had to countless hours research and design,source correct ferrite's, test & build these from scratch ,that fixed a host of noise issues
All new cb\ham\commercial kit (99%) are dc grounded chassis,the older cb kit is fully isolated chassis.
SMP PSU do not like the DC ground coming into contact with real EARTH or Frame Earth ground of PSU,thats why they go nasty!!!
DC rail noise
all sorts of yucky stuff,if you use a metal pole into EARTH,your Ariel bracket connected is Earthed,your coax is Earthed (braid),so to is your new shiny cb dc grounded now to Earth!
SMP PSU do not like this!easy to test with scope and spectrum analyser\loop ariel
They are other issues with smp psu but not going into it this deep here including the pcb grounding system on the interface.

UHF to CB?VHF cross banding via zello-worked-No issues there apart from interfacing equipment

dpmr to cb-yes tried it,yes it works via zello (or any other mode Am ssb dmr)

we also developed a ID system on zello to ease device types of users,that really helps as can see what the users logined in on device+ID number.

Voice scramblers and voice security-tested completed

Cooling fans,Rack enclosures,radio cooling -additional fan blowers

OK,Zello/Parrot mode backup-Ive researched this and it is possible to do now,via hardware interface\pc computer
originally it would not work due to the software needed upgrading,this has now been completed
And just recently hardware chip version based Basic parrot mode,im looking at now
How do we get semi duplex on a simplex frequency you may ask????
Use split ctcss mode(now on Randy 3HT and hopefully newer cb radios coming out soon!)
also works on advanced PMR446 HTs and commercial versions!
WE could not test cb ctcss split-mode( but could on uhf ) ,but did test cb CTCSS single tone mode(all cb do this with ctcss fitted)
at the time,but after so nagging feature been added now and hopefully other new models

why split ctcss?
well one its legal and is best compromise,rather than repeater shift most cb wont support it and legalities

so example

27mhz base gateway\parrot mode split ctcss channel (no mobile to mobile in gateway mode)
TX 27,105Mhz CTCSS tone 67Hz
RX 27.105Mhz CTCSS tone 118.8Hz

MObiles/Portable HTs
TX 27,105Mhz CTCSS tone 118.8Hz
RX 27.105Mhz CTCSS tone 67.Hz

So no zello traffic,parrot mode ON
car to car
ht to ht
ht to car
all voice traffic goes over zello channel so the can listen
Now if Zello user keys up,Parrot mode killed,Normal voice traffic via Zello transmits to all radios!
Once Zello user finished,users can talk back ,then after a pre determined time zello user finishes,Parrot mode kicks back in.
If Internet lost,Parrot mode stay ON,local comms only

the Aux channel for Simplex\Simplex CTCSS gateway is ch16-16(tone) EU
channels 21-21,22-22,23-23 EU for gateway\Parrots split ctcss operation

so where are we now?
UHF tested
CB tested,Ham version WIP
Parrot mode (software version tested)-hardware version on going parts issues covid
Ariel\Coax\Masts\Ground Isolators-Completed

PCB Interfaces
Rev 1-tested USB version
Rev 2.00 semi tested-On Hold Parts issues,Icom Idas repeater modules interface-RS232
Rev 3.00 stopped upgraded to rev 4.00 RS232
Rev 4.00 basic\advanced versions on going RS232
Rev 5.0 TBC
Rev 6.00 Vehicle\Base\Icom 4glte ptt\zello ports-On going design with daily updates,remote control head,dual hardware parrot,voice scrambling,X band linking on-board radios,blue tooth could be a future option-RS232

we wont be supporting VOX COS its too unreliable for HTs at the moment
plus duty cycles too on TX heavy.

reviewing\how to interface 27/29mhz
CRT Mega Pro-base\mobile use-need a sample unit
TTi 5289-base\mobile use-need a sample unit
GPE Randy 3-HT\Car use (wont do ham 10m bands @29mhz)-soon to be ordered in
GPE new mobile releases with CTCSS split mode(we waiting)
Lincoln 2+(special modified and enhanced fm performance version prob on cards,as Ive done CRT SS6900 V3.1 full upgrades and it shares lot of the electronics,main pcb )

66-88 Lowband
Retvis & Stabo 66-88mhz lowband mobile for commercial\amateur use\cb 69mhz export

UHF-Retivis RT9000D
Icom iDas system dpmr
CRT PMR446,Retvis PMR446,plus other compatible sets

4G LTE PTT-Icom Ic-501M & option interface cable-Just recently added.

I will add a note-this is not going to be cheap to end user,as there's a lot of hardware involved, I would say probably a group venture thing,or radio club to start off initially.
and then see how it takes off first,baby steps first.

The problem I found if you skimp in some areas
you compromise the design
the redundancy of the system.

given the fact you want this on 27/7,365 days a year ON to ensure a decent service,hardware choice play an important part of it,if reliability is required.

Its still in "on going"test phase at the moment,as we wait for new sets to add to our "feasible bases"use.
The other key Issue dont deploy at your home "QTH site" unless 100% sure you wish to lose some RF bands or put up with de-sensing other radio kit!
this is often overlooked by end users,who may turn them on and off giving random service!
Not ideal,especially if linking bases into a Network system .
some systems maybe "closed private" others maybe "open general use"but monitored
Also remote shut down and control options,Ident ID also im looking at currently.

It takes a lot of your time to build and research,test but havnt given up as getting very close to getting the full Monty versions tested,this covid stuff has not helped electronics industry in parts,so why ive had to revamp design of interface card.

we plan to finalise two fully operation "meshed bases" to show case system and options available.
Ham (pending requirements)bands
Commercial LMR\Export

thats the goal,and see how that goes.

Personally I think personal radio needs updating in some technical areas to keep up to date with current tech,like ROIP etc

As for CB,PMR-446 personal radio ,I feel rather than create another new system ,expand on whats already there for instance

digital voice am\fm\SDR ssb\dpmr cb 6.25khz @30watts ERP
expanded channels within the band 25.000 to 27.595MHz or 26.500-27.595mhz {not using any critical licensed users freqs]+ UK FM band with allocated channel area for ssb only dx\local hobby users away from am\fm users
Clear away of easier new protocol interfacing on cb\pmr446 for connectivity to internet & IT devices
Increase PMR-446 to 32 channels ,with mobiles\bases at 2w erp 17-32 gateway,roip,repeaters usages (registered Ident)

Dual band PMR-446\27mhz combo units-Once approval of new mobiles and bases,that would be handy.

My one wish would be 69MHz Personal Radio band as used now in some EU states @25-50Watts erp
Its got a bit more grunt range wise,shorter ariels,and noise floor a little lower than 25-30mhz band.

All the above is really addition tools,NOT a replacement as DXers,general chat is part of this band,inc business users.

Some users want a more PMR style comms good for voice links\groups\emergency nets-usage or a way to extend range or access radio via a IT device ie tablet,phone,PC or areas where bases cannot get further out because of local terrain,linking means addition bases can for a meshed linked system in remote areas or where even now some cell phone coverage can be "iffy"still!
South cornwall,farwest,mid wales are some examples

CTCSS on CB 27mhz will also now help further with less interference heard ,it wont rid it but least keep your sanity levels from noise sources mobile,base,portable,protect gateway\repeaters used from DX\skip etc on 27mhz band

why im suggesting to get ball rolling ch16-16 EU 2.00khz max dev & UK band FM-Narrow 2.00/[2.50khz old MPT-1320]max dev,as a new ctcss net channel.

dont forget EU band is now 2.00khz max deviation (including ctcss tone 300Hz dev 60% dev=1.25khz spacing 10khz)on all current ETSI Multi_norm sets
inc UK band*

*Old MPT-1320 2.5khz dev peak\max inc CTCSS 350Hz dev 60% dev=1.5khz spacing 11.25khz
* all multi-Norms work on new ETSI standards on EU\UK FM side so will be max 2.00khz EU or UK bands ,why now incompatible issues arise with older cb kit sounds quieter.(note this can be fixed on older kit,ive done it)
higher fm deviations can distort audio on the newer Multi-Norms if deviation is too excessive due to tighter filters {455HT} and fm discriminator audio set up at 1.25khz deviation=60% {more sensitive}

deviation base on 1khz test tone injected
15khz LP filter on modulation meter-max dev

oh the new tactical blade TNC Ariel and drop in charger for Randy 3 will be out shortly !

dont forget CH16-16(single tone)EU\UK try and use as new CTCSS net channels\monitoring CB
maybe emg 1\2 channel can be programmed into these new sets with ctcss?

keep you posted more to come


Rob P
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Re: CB RoIP?

Post by rpcomms »

OK little update
well we have the President Randy 3 now available,apparently working very well
CTCSS equipped so ready for gateways and Simple parrot repeaters uses

Also new CTCSS user network call\chat channel
on CH16-16 EU\UK im trying to encourage new users to CTCSS use on 27mhz where less qrm noise free comms can exsist on NFM mode.

A KIND NOTE:Ham radio\EXport USA radios modified stuff please check your equipment NFM is setup correctly for these systems,5khz deviation exceeds the filters in these new ETSI Multi-Norm radios and older MPT-1320 radios,causing audio TX distortion,low audio on rx on YOUR KIT due to switched to the wrong fm bandwidth system.
Ham HF kit can be corrected with correct service monitor and a good radio tech,please dont spoil it for other legal users.
Also be aware some USA imported Export radios are often not set up correctly for UK\EU NFM system for use on CB Mulit-Norm sets,totally different specifications to Amateur USA FCC VS ETSI Euro CB radios.
Any doubt get you kit checked\modified or msg me here for help,id prefer at very least to hear nice clear super narrow fm rather than choppy over deviated wide fm and low rx audio reports on legal users equipment when there nothing technically wrong with the legal kit,its purely FM specifications are different users need to made aware off.

Mulit -Norm to Multi Norm should NOT present any issues at all unless mfr has messed up something!

EU-Max dev 2.00khz ctcss 300Hz dev 60% mod=1.25khz dev
UK-Max dev 2.20khz ctcss 350Hz dev 60% mod=1.5khz dev

deviation on Tx audio based on 1khz @50mV rms input to micro fully limited
with 15khz LPF
RX audio based on 3-6dB change from 60% dev to 100% dev for max audio output across a 4ohm resistive load on speaker o\p socket.(there are mods to correct this-ask)

Progress -well COVID has seriously hit electronics field,parts etc has caused me to re-design the Radio Interface Card part that links to the pc and cb radio.

Plus addition operation requirements wanted from the interface inc hardware parrot,2 radio ports ,X band linking ,dtmf controllers,vehicle interface card version and 4G LTE link-in ,so thers been delays delays delays,plus IM waiting on some new CB radios (mobiles)to be released with CTCSS \CTCSS Split Tone modes on them for the base station tests.

I have ordered up a small base station antenna to trail out min size base antenna VS max size base antenna to see what can be achieved with smallest base antenna systems but optimised best for Line of Sight,as in most cases NOT all cb users can put up 18-21ft monsters and in most cases these are best suited for long range DXing rather than Line Of Sight comms.
Last time the 1/4wave ground plane works best \compromise antenna at about the 50 feet,but opted for a reduced size base loaded antenna with ground planes,mainly due to a lot less weight at a higher height 65FT+ to over come less gain\efficiency of size\wind loading\less mass of metal on mast,so be conducting tests soon.
Ordering\trails of double shielded 10mm coax and new ground isolator rf transformers to test,help reduce induce noise,static and adding dc grounding to reduce static and ground isolation.

working on the dual mode Zello gateway\parrot module this time using a hardware chip based than pc software based
Split CTCSS tone for semi-duplex tone shift on parrot\gateway modes was tested last week,that went very well on UHF version,so split freq use is not needed now on parrot repeater.
Instead using split CTCSS,New cb will also when have them here do same testing have to wait till new cb sets arrive now.
So in mean time im working on another redesigned base interface card pcb and parrot module+dtmf decoding.

Im no PIC programmer either so need to learn code too or find a good software engineer for this project!

feels a bit 1 step forward 10 steps back the last few months ,but ill keep on going as really want to see this through till the end.

Rob P 73's
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Re: CB RoIP?

Post by rpcomms »

Little Update

Gone for simplicity New PCB repeater \gateway controller card completed
Awaiting funds to buy in new sample pcbs

awaiting new Albrecht AE 6290 in UK to arrive to allow me to hook these radios up to my new PCB and test

New base antenna system parts coming along for the demo systems, soon to be installed hopefully 3 sites,two to start off

Tests on Zello system trailed out using IT devices
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Re: CB RoIP?

Post by rpcomms »

Little update

The new PC based Radio Interface Card design is completed and ready for fabrication,parts,testing.
It's lol covid friendly parts aqusition now.
That's on hold due to funding issues.

Base antenna optimization tests completed
Further work needed in the mast sourcing
low weight mast,that's tall enough to clear roof heights on houses
Steel interlocking types were tested for strength,but very heavy once at full height!

Ground isolation system works flawless and prevents SMP PSU issues.So tick box there.
A RF galvanically isolated transformer was designed and tested,those passed tests with Sirio Signal Keeper /GPA series 27/45 good matches
Less 1.5 VSWR 900Khz bandwidth Sirio SK
Antennas were mounted on a piece of 38mm o/d pvc pipe to isolate the antenna from steel mast.
The steel mast is grounded to copper stake for electrical safety.

Antenna system is more optimised for line of sight than dxing purposes.

Ground radials become more effective once antenna roughly 55-65feet above real ground.The ground affect becomes less effective and ground radials become more effective.
Isolation of the antenna to mast improves RF field pattern of antenna ,why you need ground radials.
Closer you put antenna to real earth ground less effective the ground Radials on Ariel it becomes,and changes to some affect the angle of radiation pattern.
Repeated and repeated tests proved this in a controlled tests.
Coax feeder used was Moonraker formula 10mm double shielded with compression plugs,gave min attenuation and less noise floor,induced external environment noises from external factors.

Short 6ft base antenna tested very well
4w in=2w ERP roughly
8w in=4w ERP roughly
Being a base loaded coil

GPA-27/45 full 1/4wave ground plane
4w in=4W ERP roughly

I didn't opt for bigger antennas as mast loading,
mast height's becomes higher than normally used.
higher installation costs.(plus the visual impact to consider)
Opted not to push things to far on house!
15-20miles was target Foot print radius of gateway.
Squelch set S4
Plus the radiation angle is a lot lower on 1/2 wave or 5/8th waves so antenna has to have a much higher up for LOS uses, especially if live in hilly terrain areas and your located down in the dip of it.
Ok if live in a location highly elevated ,and no surrounding hills.
So opted for average user in not so ideal terrain , conditions,1/4wave has a much higher angle of radiation ideal for get over hills,tall buildings.
Plus antenna smaller,lighter in weight,less wind loading on antenna.

New Albrecht AE6290 is now in UK

So next step is buying in a few to setup and test.

A new android/pc computer gateway only or software parrot (but not both at same time) interface.
I'm currently working on as a lower cost option for Zello interfacing use.
its a lot more stripped back version Vs my advanced RIC V4.00C card but gets you started to wet your toes.
Keep you posted on that project

Randy 3 and QYT-58 cb HTs
President Harrison 2
Albrecht Ae6290
KPO Dx5000 plus

And other new cb 2022 radios most will have ctcss splits,channel split+/-,a most have feature now
For protecting the base from noise,unknown radio traffic when using VoIP linking.

It's been a tough year for most,Inc myself so progress has been slower than thought with supply shortages
Delays in new radio equipment
Shortages in electronic parts etc has all added to extended delays
Plus bear in mind this is personally funded project ,not a multimillion commercial venture lol
Even I have limited funding capabilities,but it's all heading in right direction now and most of the unknowns have been iron out now.

Next step is new low cost interface for Android and PC devices-build/design new PCB (already started)

Wire up New Albrecht AE6290 and test on new interface design.Two test bases to be built using AE6290 new set.

Purchase 2 new ctcss equipped cb Handie for testing to base ctcss gateway.

Locate local supplier of test mast in fibreglass or Ali
In lengths of 30-40feet long
1"&1/4 O/D
To lighten weight loading on mast brackets.
Put up new antenna system .

So that's my 2022 plan ,if all goes well I'll try and get some test vids out on internet land
So can see it working.

Have a Happy New Year To All


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Re: CB RoIP?

Post by rpcomms »

More updates

Well we finally see cb sets with ctcss encode and decode ,plus Repeater shift offset +/- finally on many makes and brands .

This greatly helps now getting cb gateways and Repeaters operational with greater protection using ctcss mode.
Especially when you start linking base to base to base in a gateway star system.

Currently had some major setbacks with electronic components during covid ,that stalled my interface board.
Plus awaiting new arrival of ctcss equipped cb radios.
So where are we at now?

Well a lot of background work has gone on with this project
From different hardware
Trying to lower cost of system equipment
Trails of linking bases together via VoIP
Alternative VoIP ptt software and hardware before committing to a final system.

Also system redundancy/failure and backup systems as they were quite a few pitfalls discovered .

Base antenna systems too optimised for line sight rather than general use/dxing skywave on 27mhz had to be addressed including new earthing methods to help resolve EMI,rfi,DC noise problems.

Base antenna testing samples were time consuming.

All takes time to do.

At the moment I'm just trying out new usb chip interface ,once that's tested ok things can progress a little faster.
New cb radio stock has to be purchased that has ctcss on it,so as project is my own privately funded it takes time to buy in stock radios for testing ,I'm not a multimillion pound operation here , unfortunately otherwise it would of been completed lol.
Just a few bugs ironing out now ,most of the pre-test phase is over now .
Now it's getting ready to start building the system up,starting with 3 dual band bases
Cb EU band
Zello (Zello Works)has been the choosen VoIP ptt medium,after we looked at all the rest.
We also got on cards planned a mobile system I'm developing too in tandem.

So we are getting there slowly but surely,once I've tried the lower cost interfacing to radio and it does actually work then next stage can move on building the base units up.

Keep you posted

Rob P
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Re: CB RoIP?

Post by rpcomms »

AE6290 cb sets arrived finally.
Time to mod and test them out.
Service mode retune

Test FM deviation
Modify FM descriminator for louder RX audio and test radio.

New Interface for radios to improve design features with Zello.

Keep you posted

Rob P
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Re: CB RoIP?

Post by rpcomms »

Ok little update

Albrecht AE6290,I've done tests on set
I found one issue on FM Rx ,but addressed
That issue,informed Mfr
Not a real issue just a niggle I found.

I've also put radios into enhanced mode
And realigned set.Enhanced mode just allow different RF power settings,but cb bands remain legal ones only.

1w lo Fm 4w pep 90%
4w hi FM 16w pep 90%
High FM only 1-15w fixed

Reason being using base loaded Sirio antennas ,these being -3-4dB gain loss
Or half your RF power erp

So 8w in=4w ERP!

Set Dev for UK 2.10khz max on 1khz tone,speech peaks 2.20khz average 1.5-2.00khz.It does properly FM clip on these radios , finally fixed!
EU use factory set Dev 1.90khz test to e,speech 2.00khz spot on for 10khz spacing on EU.
CTCSS can do split tones for Simplex repeaters
Or channel tx shift offset

So ran radio in tests,all good.
CTCSS is a plus Def on cb

Ch16-16EU/ch16-16 UK could be the new
Quiet cb calling channel ,bit like pmr446
Without all the noise, interference, foreign traffic heard.
Plus VoIP gateway channel.

Pretty impressed so far with sets.

Next up,interfacing....
New Interface in progress

Single channel,dual channel versions

Icom Ida's pmr446 mobile interface also looking at ,funding a bit short again

Oh forget tried out new Sirio UHF base antenna,nice a simple broadband no tune
Base antenna 380-470mhz.
I would advise if using this antenna to isolate from metal mast pole
I used split 38mm pvc pipe and pushed inside antenna base ,then tighten down onto steel mast pole.
Antenna is DC shorted,use 3M blue thread lock compound on ground radials to secure them tight/vibrations.

Feed it with 10mm westflex or Moonraker F zero
Formula coax(buy the correct N types important)

Mount it at chimney height ,as this is UHF line of sight ,mines going up higher as found if it's not won't perform well
Especially with 0.5w ERP

Also noted 0.5w Vs 5w it's about1/8th of mile improvement,so not really worth it in power consumption.
All tests used pmr446 tuned 1/4wave,Inc base antenna.
I found in controlled tests ,it's height ,not RF power on UHF ,if there's a obstacle in way it makes very little difference pumping more power out.
1-5miles LOS depending on surrounding terrain (I'm based my tests worst case urbanised)
We know pmr446 goes further,but these tests are practical urban uses I conducted in hilly terrain,town centre.

Antenna link below

https://moonrakeronline.com/sirio-gp-43 ... m-taxi-pmr

https://moonrakeronline.com/n-type-comp ... ex-premium

Test cb antenna
Roof mounted
Sirio M145,M2000 long

Rob P
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Re: CB RoIP?

Post by rpcomms »

Little update

President's new Harrison 2
Albrecht AE6290
CRT 7900/6900
Randy 3

All now have ctcss and repeater shift tx capabilities for VoIP gateway uses.
So we have the CB kit finally

I've been finishing off this VoIP project hardware with a new interface design
That can work on Android and PC computer ,because COVID caused so much problems with electronic parts,we decided to goto more old school decrete parts for safety,this ment a complete redesign process in interface board.
So that work has just been finished and updated to include interfacing to Presidents 6 pin microphones radios.
After Xmas should have the new PCB boards to assemble.

Power management systems for bases is another key issue ,we looked at many options and cost factor ,think this is going the bit to hurt pockets the most!!
With costs of electric prices raising in UK
Running bases 24/7-7days a week
We come up with one solution we in process of trying out.

AE6290 I've done some work on ,now AE6290E version improved the tune up on radio ,FM rx had a little mod to improve rx audio level and noise squelch sensitivity.
RF power recalibrated.
Ctcss ✅
Split tx can be accessed on radio✅

Interfacing is also possible ✅

Harrison 2 hopefully in UK after Xmas to look at.

So little update on things ...have more news after Xmas!.

Rob P
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Re: CB RoIP?

Post by LondonCbRadio »

Any photos ?
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Re: CB RoIP?

Post by rpcomms »

Nope not yet not till we have final production units completed ,trademarks,logos, copyrighted

You'll have to wait
But can tell you they are working beyond what we thought could do ranges
And usefulness.

Antenna systems were finished and tested last week
We know how to optimize for line of sight ,minimize noise floor,utilise ctcss.

We can dispell all the excuses and red herrings etc about CB VoIP gateways ,it's simply rubbish ,they do work and work extremely well ,better than we imagined.
We had to tweek things,but biggest problem we face is convincing user to use ctcss it like a phobia,it's there to be used but nobody wants to try it!
Yet cures a host of technical issues.

Ctcss is the best feature CB users having been missing on FM CB radio,it's fab thanks to No more squelch noise blasts driving around towns etc.

Base stations sit happy they silent from noise qrm, foreign traffic until mobiles trigger correct sub squelch tone.

Why CB radios never had ctcss when FM became the new system is beyond me ..
It's ideal for general communications uses like this ,Def not for dxiing crowd.
But day to day stuff perfect.

Mast heights we got sorted to avoid ground reflection at 27mhz and line of sight uses optimized.

Some new PCB boards will be with us soon ,will be easier to get electronic parts,as this has been a real problem over
The years developing this stuff.

And just recently the new awaited President Harrison 2 we be closely looking at for VoIP uses on CB very soon.

This all take time and monies ,as this is a small group of engineers, privately funded and not a multi million dollar out fit ,we have to frugal with ever penny used in R&D so this can and has added additional delays to project.
I can say it all looks very practical now,and very promising for cb use.
Now we finally in late 22/23 now we starting to see ctcss CB sets more and more making gateways very practical than when we first started this project .

Albrecht AE6290
Harrison II
Randy 3 HT
I think there's a late contender radiosity CS-47 I think remote one hander is ctcss capable too.

Mobile-Base antenna best Sirio/President/PNI brands
DC shorted shunt fed best ,less static and steady Z impedance matching.

Keep you posted when new PCB arrive see if all is well with them

Also we had a 3D fan blower mount made
To evaluate to cool set inside base rack case.


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Re: CB RoIP?

Post by rpcomms »

Project in pre-production phase while seeking extra funding,it was almost cancelled.

Rob P
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Re: CB RoIP?

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Latest up date Zello voip bases

Ok after some long time r&d
First 3 base racks mk2 being built

The interface board has now been tested ok

New sound cards tested

New rack system on going improvements
New blower fans added
New ground isolator rf transformer added onto the radios socket standard.
New AC leakage filter added to dc supply input standard.
New psu rack tray to be built with fan coolers added ,12.5Amps 13.8VDC ,emi power filters added to further improve rfi/emi filtering.

New PC mini computer window 11 to be burn tested soon.

Labelling of rack cases to be completed.

Ctcss tests completed on Albrecht AE6290

Burn testing kit progress ongoing ..till end of 2023.

AE6290 tested

TBC radios for voip rack testing 2023/24
Jopix Doris
Harrison 2
George 2

I will post picture,video etc on simonthewizard when we ready to release,still lot more work to be completed before beta releases.

But so far can say the new interface boards work extremely good audio quality in and out over zello,yes these are cos busy wire controlled not vox,so delays and false tripping reduced.
Ctcss is the way to go with cb radio now
It helps protect bases and also mobiles/portables in qrm locations not hearing "squelch blasts",which I hate!

We suggesting using ctcss
Single tone ctcss simplex comes
Split tones ctcss for some voip/repeater bases

Channel and ctcss tone system
Fior simplex

Ch 01-01
Ch 02-02
Ch 40-40

As easy to remember tone numbers

Ch 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 for voip gate-ways and split ct tone simplex repeaters.

Ch 14 being re-porposed to Ch 14-14 ctcss calling/emg Call channel
,away from chaotic Ch 19

Possible ch 09-09 voip monitor channel for emergency use or VSAR uses could be reinstated again ?

Using multiple site SDR Voip rx or full voip Zello bases in a mesh net work monitor hub.

All up for suggestion as more and more New cb radios are now supporting ctcss and split ctcss Function from sets.

More updates soon...

Regards all

RPC Systems.
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Re: CB RoIP?

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Ok a little update

Building new rack cases for testing
New equipment builds & burn testing new components within Rack cases

Radio Interface Rack-AE6290 & RIC board

Power Interface Rack-12Amp 13.8V smp

APC UPS now going to be used for AC backup.

Design is nearly settled once this latest build completed.
Upgrading heatsinking on radios to also tests
Plus additional fan blowers added in RIR PIR racks enclosures.

Voip gateway mode uses single or split ctcss

So only cb radios with ctcss capabilities can be used.

We prob looking end of 2023/2024 till see first pre production runs.
As want to ensure everything is rock solid hardware and no supply issues getting parts.

Kit sits in a 6U rack outer case

Pictures,videos etc will be released on simonthewizard when ready so please be patient.

Also side note

Ctcss sets

George 2 TBC
Harrison 2
Randy 3
Alebrecht AE6290
Jopix Doris
Jopix QYT
CRT7900 V2
CRT 6900 V7-V2

And quite a few more Multi-Norms models now support ctcss in S-NFM 8ko F3E mode,
not the older 27/81mpt1320 11ko F3E mode as now defunct specification.

However we have tested sets up to 2.20khz peak dev max
There is some backward compatability in fm deviation.
But we encourage now to go to the tighter super narrow fm mode cb multi norms en etsi specifications,
not use 10m usa older exports,modified ham hf kit as we found can cause problems with incompatible fm specifications and requires some upgrades and alignment to make these work on the newer S-NFM mode used in EU,UK and newer Fcc fm cb sets.

Also be looking at supporting some of these Multi-Norm etsi sets "optimised" & tested and setup to supply to customers could be on the cards to end users.
Early days yet...

Zello or Zello Works will be our software choice for now ,we are looking at other options too ongoing.

Keep you posted ...but are moving forward now


RPC Systems
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Re: CB RoIP?

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New -Updated interface boards arrived-new lower cost relay added to board.
New-Harrison II radios awaiting for test and modifications.
New-Windows 11 mini PC burn tested with RS232 usb lead completed.
New-24bit external usb C sound card tests-Has blue tooth phone or pc app to tailer sound response.

CB CTCSS-Tests confirmed no slow decoding,can handle qrm/skip under worse condition ok,no falsing mute tripping,does not reduce sensitivity.
Jopix GS-60 (PJ Box thank you for excellent service on supplied sets),Randy 3 (Moonracker cb ,again thank you for good service),AE6290 (Nevada top job) were used on tests,ive seen many guessing commits on this say all sorts of negative things about cb ctcss,load of nonsense!
CTCSS on cb is a game changer as far as im concerned,no more QRM,false tripping of squelch and other noise distractions on bases,mobiles,HTs.
Protect the base units for all manners of types of interferance problems on 27mhz,so thats a A+plus "noise free channel" in my books.
CTCSS is definately a step forward on CB,not a step back.

Antenna Ground Isolation Units-test samples made,tested to prevent ground loops with smp power supply system and antenna station Earth.
Seemed to have fixed SMP issues that were a problem.

Zello voip New CB base rack working well as burn-tester on a site in England ,
very excellent audio on tx and rx now using the new 24bit 196khz sample rate usb sound cards since last hardware update.

Keep you post.more to come...73's

Rob P
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