Central /queen street station Glasgow ?

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Re: Central /queen street station Glasgow ?

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DuncanM wrote: 12 Dec 2022, 23:48 all I got out of Central, I was listening in for over an hour and a half, was 453.900 nfm, no DMR and no Mobility Assist either. Queen Street was 453.550, no DMR either. There was quite a bit of disruption in the Ayrshire and Inverclyde area and trains 20 to 100 minutes late into Central from London plus cancelations. For Central I was sitting in the Crystal Palace Wetherspoons it sits next to the railway line and close enough to hear the input frequencies. Queen Street I just wandered around for a bit close call waiting. I could hear Central from Queen Street but not the other way round. I made a zone on my 878 with 30 common used frequencies for stations across the UK and listened
Mobility assist is back, nfm 453.225. ScotRail, Network Rail and Avanti staff all use 453.900. I was in Lime Street last week, some Avanti staff carry two radios, one for them, one for the Network Rail staff who manage the station.
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