Community Radio Setup

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Community Radio Setup

Post by CyberDude »

Hello all

new to this forum and my first post. I need some feedback advice on a setup.

A live in a smallish village, that has regular meet up in a small hall for varying events (book club, amateur debates, guest talkers etc). We wish to install fm transmitter where audio is transmitted via one of the community radio frequencies (440mhz to 480mhz)

We intend to apply for a license to ofcom.

However, i'm doing some homework finding what hardware is needed and the cost.

The transmission area is about 3 sq miles.

One muslim friend at work, says they have one installed in their mosque - but the cost was pretty hefty : £2000+. Seems they have a all singing/dancing one - with a mixer installed (they have speakers within the building).

From what I've garnered, so far - the main hardware we need is : 1) amplifier 2) transmitter 3) antenna

question is - can I build a transmitter and program the frequency myself (one allocated by ofcom) or is there such as a variable frequency transmitter ? Are such transmitters available off the shelf ?

also, is there a need for an amplifier ? if so, what Wattage is suitable ?

If i am correct - audio is fed into the amplifier, which is then fed into the transmitter where the antenna coax is connected to ?

Finally, a typical setup that would do the job without expense would be welcome.

Many thanks in advance.

PS forgot to add, the transmission would be picked up via a typical trans/receiver like the Baofeng UV-5R III (c. £30)
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Re: Community Radio Setup

Post by ch25 »

Call /write to Ofcom.
Come bach when you will be holding your permission to transmit. Than we can move on.

p.s. You can't build transmitter. Certified one is needed, installed by qualified personnel.
No shortcuts there.

Use Zello, run problem and cost free.
You can't have too many antennas...
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