Passed my full ham exam last week ...

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Re: Passed my full ham exam last week ...

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Well done thats brilliant :thumbup:
love your familly
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Re: Passed my full ham exam last week ...

Post by paulears »

The point of reference books is kind of that in five years, you can find an answer, but I accept that nowadays, there's less point. I must admit I kept my RYA marine band text book. Like you I'll probably not need it, but I did actually use it for something last week! The callsign works brilliantly - well worth the twenty quid! I got a notification from DVLA that G14 RMT was available for cars, and as I work a lot in Northern Ireland, where I am GI4RMT - neat.
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Re: Passed my full ham exam last week ...

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The body of knowledge for ham radio (and almost if not all areas of study) is updated daily, fully searchable, often in video format and free on the Internet. I no more need the full licence manual than I need a collection of encyclopaedias to find the capital of a city.
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