Falkirk Frequencies

Scanning radio frequencies for Scotland
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Falkirk Frequencies

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Hi all I'm new here and just bought a KG-UV9D I have bought the program lead and the nagoya na-771. So far I've not heard a thing on it I am struggling finding or programming local frequencys.
Can anyone help me out please ?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Falkirk Frequencies

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Nice radio BTW

YouTube is your friend

I would suggest you start by programing in the 2m simplex frequencies and the 70cm simplex frequencies (analog) for the UK.
then add the frequencies for PMR (analog) to help you get you head around using the software.

If it has Airband then the frequencies for Edinburgh and Glasgow airports are available by searching Google. If you program the radio to monitor any of the Airband frequencies ensure you configure the radio for RX only. Normally a tick in a box within the software.

Then take a look at the RSGB repeater web site (https://ukrepeater.net/) discover what repeaters are in your area and add them.

Once you are comfortable using the software take a look at adding PMR digital frequencies and from the point on its just a matter of gathering knowledge and understanding.

I would aslo suggest that you consider a external antenna as this will increase you coverage greatly.

Rejoy the radio

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Re: Falkirk Frequencies

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most in falkirk is dmr and same with stirling
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