Motorola DM3401 Help

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Motorola DM3401 Help

Post by g1fsh »

Hi all
I have a Motorola DM3401 on UHF with a receive problem. It does receive but looses signal from my sig gen at about 1Uv squelch threshold is about 1.4Uv.
I see in the service manual mention of a 10db attenuator just after the rx tx switching circuit and it says this is user selectable to be off ot on.
Does any one know where and hot to turn this off and on?
or does any one have any idea what might be wrong with this thing on receive?
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Re: Motorola DM3401 Help

Post by 26mb04 »

I'm not sure where the att. switch option would be, but could the signal loss be something to do with the deviation on the sig gen? My DP3601 is really picky about RX deviation, it drops anything slightly wider than whatever deviation it wants.

I put it down to Moto wanting people to go digital, so they make their new dual-mode gear really rubbish on analogue.
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