Multimode CM9000?

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Multimode CM9000?

Post by welshevo »

afternoon folks

so im looking at purchasing a CM9000 however im getting mixed answers regards to its "multi mode" some say these can receive UHF/vhf analogue and forward out as tetra? some are saying thats an optional extra? what im looking to achieve is a "all in one mobile " solution ... where as previous i used to carry a few handies out and about i want to minimize this and have all modes in one so ideally .... have my handheld DMR/analogue (RX only)if needs be.... connected to the CM9000 and forward this as tetra ... many have said use a signalink...but as this will be in car i dont want to be lugging around a laptop and 3G dongle also.. this needs to be a portable solution?

any suggestions?
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Re: Multimode CM9000?

Post by Rob Johnson »

Hello Welshevo,

The CM9000 is single-band UHF only (380-400 or 400-430 MHz), It cannot do "cross-band repeat" on it's own.

In some applications during the time while Airwave was being introduced, the CM9000 control-head (with it's main-unit) was able to control older legacy radios using specifically designed interface-units. That allowed the police to be able to use either Airwave (if their force had it, or they needed to talk to a force with it) or to use their existing main-scheme VHF or UHF-PR frequencies by using their existing RC690, BE536, BE544, FM1000, W15U or CM7000A/A4 etc radios.

It also meant that only one control-cable needed to be used from dash-board to the main-units in the boot. Most of the vehicles supplied to police have already had universal 37 way control-leads installed when the cars were built by the manufacturer, definitely Volvo. Also some Ford, BMW and Vauxhall. Adaptors were fitted at each end to suit the equipment.

By only having one DIN-sized control-head controlling possibly 3 radios, it saved a large amount of space in the dash-board. It also allowed just the main-units of the old legacy radios to be removed without any changes to, or ruining the interior of the vehicle when they were no-longer needed.

Two examples of having TET-VHF-UHF with the CM9000 control-head were... CM9000 with BE544/BE540 using Interface-6T, or CM9000 with CM7000A/A4/T using Interface-9.
Hope I've not sent you off to sleep reading this !

All the best,

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Re: RC690

Post by Fenderstrat »

Hi Rob, you seem to know something about RC690 radio's, I purchased 2 of these units with control heads and managed to get one up and running, the other has a problem, I'm looking for any info on these units either manuals or circuit diagrams, also is there anyone on this site who can transfer the RAM-Image for operation on 2metre's.

Best Regards
Nick G8UCL
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