Considering a 'home-base' rig, but I'm renting..

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Considering a 'home-base' rig, but I'm renting..

Post by alze » 15 Aug 2019, 19:50


I'm considering a simple home base rig. My lad (well hes 22) has seen my CB in the Bongo and is really interested in it. As we cant always be in the Bongo for using the CB, I was thinking about making a simple home setup - the issue is we rent currently and cant attach antennas and the sort to the house.

I've seen 'fred in the shed' on youtube (great videos imho, even tho I'm a newbie!), using an 'umbrella stand' with his antenna, but also lashed to his house. I live in vertically challenged house (bungalow ;) and the height to clear is about 7m~8m's from what I can estimate.

Can i setup a decent aerial to get that height without affixing it to the house ? What kind of range should I expect on legal wattage (based on clear line of site). Can anyone suggest a 'entry level' setup that will get us dx'ing from home to the locals (which there seems a surprising amount of in/around Bournemouth !).

Many thanks in advance,

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Re: Considering a 'home-base' rig, but I'm renting..

Post by The Collector » 16 Aug 2019, 19:15

Bournemouth is full of oldies and therefore more likely some of them will be reliving the old days too!

There are a couple of topics on the go on here (2 topics down - "inside or outside" and a couple more down "Thunderpole Excalibur booster") and on a different CB-related section that are based on low-profile aerials etc, so have a mooch around and see if you can gleen anything off them that's of use to you.

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