80's Amstrad antenna chromed mag-mount required

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80's Amstrad antenna chromed mag-mount required

Post by The Collector » 06 Nov 2018, 18:56

As per the title, I'm after a chrome-plated magnetic mount for my new Amstrad aerial base.

It's a SO239-sized connector, but with a central 'spike" that sticks up out of the base's mount rather than a hole. I've attached a pic' of the antenna base itself as well as the mount/connector underneath.

I have an antenna for sale on ebay that has the same mount, but it's a tall, small diameter black mag (currently bolted onto a 7" Turbo-mag), so it won't look right. I'll take a picture later to clarify it and to check it fits exactly (got to warm the loftshack up for an hour with the radiator first brrr!).

Also..... if anyone has one, would they mind measuring the whip's exact length for me please. If anyone's got one going spare, that'd be even better still?!? ;)

Cheers TM1.

Edit: found a link to a similar aerial connector on the interwebby:

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