BF 888s Radio Set Up Problems PLEASE HELP!!

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BF 888s Radio Set Up Problems PLEASE HELP!!

Post by gareth_f01 » 04 Nov 2017, 13:44

Hi There and thanks for taking the time to read my post.

OK the problem that I am having with the radios is after i downloaded the software from the radio, i then changed the frequency and then wrote this to the device. When I turned on the radio the vioce was in chinese and after the voice the radio just beeps nothing but beeping.

When I read back what I have wrote to the radio it gives all channels are blank and the settings are all changed? this is like its not wrote correctly or reverting to factory settings? I have looked to make sure that the COM port is correct and that the cable is being seen correctly. I have also down graded the Serial port driver to software, but this dose not correct the problem. I am currently using a windows 8.2 on my laptop and have not seen any error messages with the software.

i have tried to program the device using BF 888s PC software there has been no error messages only when i forget to turn on the radio before I read and Write :lol: .

Details of setup

Windows 8.1 64 bit
BAOFENG 28-020-122 Programming Cable
BF-888S_v1.05 programming software
BF-888s Radio

Here is the cable that i have purchased ... TF8&psc=1

The radios when connected do not do anything, when i turn them on the software or the radio are lifeless. When reading and writing to the radios the LED on the radio turns and flashes green at a fast pace.

I turn off the radio and unplug it from the system, when turning the radio back on I get a Chinese announcement when it was set to English and then just beeping coming from the radio.

Please take a look at the attachments and any help is highly appreciated. I am hoping that i am doing something wrong maybe some one has done the same as me before.

Please see videos was not able to attach them

Best Regards

Kind Regards

Gareth :thumbup:

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