Mike Two November Sierra

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Mike Two November Sierra

Post by Twocky61 » 08 Jan 2019, 11:35

In the eighties, when I was serving time in Borstal 6 to 2 year sentence

I worked on Works Party 2

I knew the radio call sign was Whiskey Two for this party

One hot afternoon our supervising officer collapsed from the heat

Lads in our party said "Woohoo we can escape"; so off they went, only to be caught that evening

I picked up his radio & said:

"M2NS from Whiskey Two urgent message"

They replied for me to stand by

I wasn't accepting that, so I repeated the message

They replied for me to go ahead

I reported to control the situation & subsequently the call for officer assistance urgently required went out

Our supervising officer was taken to prison health care where he was treated

After this situation, the Deputy Governor/Warden called me into her office & told me I was on report, for unauthorised use of an officers personal radio

"Right" I thought, "I'm taking this to PSHQ (Prison Service Head Quarters)", which I did

Because of this, the Governor adjourned for case to go before independent judicator (District Judge), but before that he asked if I was guilty

"What do mean guilty? Guilty is relative"

So off I go in front of IA/DJ

They actually charged me with unauthorised use of an officers personal radio

Back to PSHQ

Case dismissed lol

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Re: Mike Two November Sierra

Post by Metradio » 08 Jan 2019, 16:34

Grass :(

I thought Borstal's closed in the 70's and became YOI's ?

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