2*0 done and dusted

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Re: 2*0 done and dusted

Post by ChrisCSL » 28 Nov 2014, 16:46

kr0ne wrote:Yeah, congratulations! :thumbup:

I've stuck a big pack of Werthers in the post for you. Be sure to crunch them though... ;)
You need your own teeth for that ;)

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Re: 2*0 done and dusted

Post by bigpimp347 » 28 Nov 2014, 17:21

owza wrote:10w to 50w can make a lot of difference, especially when the IQ0 trying to key over you is using 4w.

most the 'IQ0' as you wrongly call them are licensed most are using well above 10w most dual band radios have up to 50w,
so a 4w IQ0 ?? not heard of many but 35w 50w and 100w, yup there's quite a few..
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Re: 2*0 done and dusted

Post by Farty » 03 Dec 2014, 21:03

Well done. Failed mine first go as missed the final due to a respiratory infection which had me pretty grim for about a month. Finally sat it earlier in the year and got the ticket. Still never used more than 10W though as PSK is still my main transmitting tipple when in the shack.
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Re: 2*0 done and dusted

Post by kr0ne » 03 Dec 2014, 21:43

That's awful news Farty... can't believe you sold out like that! You used to take such pride in never needing more than a foundy ticket...

You may have gained an additional 40W but TM1 has lost a highlight of the perennial Freeloaders vs Cardigan P!ssers debate.

Sad times.


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