Radio path mapping tools.

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Radio path mapping tools.

Post by kc » 23 Apr 2008, 08:29

Chris Jackson has made available some software tools that enable you to evaluate the radio path between two sites.

Chris thought it would be useful to have these utilities live on the web in a simple-to-find place and readily accessible, and to web-alize as many of them as he could.

The tools available on the site are:

Node Link Evaluator
Evaluate the likeliness of links between Consume nodes

Terrain Plotter
Plot the terrain between two given points in the UK (CSV Output version here)

Free Space Loss Calculator
Calculate how much a signal drops over a distance

Spot-height calculator
Get the approximate height at a set point in the UK

Distance calculator
Calculate the distance (as the crow flies) between two points in the UK

Land Map Radio Path Tools
Borrowed....Or nicked, if you prefer from Southgate ARC's site.
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