Baofeng rd 5r dual band analogue/dmr

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Baofeng rd 5r dual band analogue/dmr

Post by Mrwoosh » 02 May 2018, 20:43

Wondering if anyone has bought one of these , basically a gd77 in uv5r housing ,

Just wondering if you are able to scan around on analogue until you hear a dmr signal then swap to dmr mode on the same frequency and adjust the colour code until you hear the transmission ?

I currently have a md2017 which isn’t a bad radio but I’m tempted to buy one of these new rd5r baofengs as all the uv5r batteries and accessories will work with it and I won’t cry as much if I drop it 🙈

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Re: Baofeng rd 5r dual band analogue/dmr

Post by wizzzard » 01 Dec 2018, 14:32

I've just ordered an RD-5R direct from Radioddity. I understand it is compatible with most UV-5R accessories. I know it is not yet supported by Chirp but the latest firmware and software are supposed to be quite good. Hoping it arrives in time for Xmas or my son will be unwrapping an IOU.
S9 R5 next...

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