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Re: TYT MD-9600

Posted: 04 Nov 2017, 22:39
by kilimax
For info,
It would appear there is a hardware modification kit being made available to dealers. I've had this confirmed by the dealer I purchased mine from. They have tested it and are happy with the results. Hopefully, owners will be contacted in the near future to have theirs modified.

As yet, I do not know what the modification kit comprises of and whether it will address all of the "known" hardware issues.
There is also a revised radio, a V2 if you like, now coming from the factory.

IMHO, the correct way to resolve this would be for the owners of the V1 radio to have theirs swapped out for a V2 version but it doesn't look likely.

Anyway, sound familiar? President Lincoln 2!! Only this time, I do hope it doesn't take 4 versions to turn out a radio that works! :think:

Re: TYT MD-9600

Posted: 16 Dec 2017, 14:46
by kilimax
Hopefully a final update on my TYT MD-9600 problems.

From my previous post, dealer arranged to collect my radio to have the factory mods carried out. Once complete, it would be shipped back.
While I was perfectlyhappy with this arrangment, I was pleasantly suprised to receive a call from the dealer to let me know they were now replacing it with a brand new version 2 radio from the factory. Sure enough, it duly arrived the next day.

I'm pleased to report that all of the hardware gremlins that blighted the first version are no more.
Happy days! :D