DV-MEGA / DMR Explanation Required

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DV-MEGA / DMR Explanation Required

Post by radiogaga » 10 Aug 2016, 08:58

The early concept of DMR and its conventional Repeater function was fine for a simple chap like me... Now having been out of it for a year or so everything has changed... It has become far more complicated. Is anyone able to answer this series of questions:

1. Is a NOV required for using a DVMEGA?
2. Linked I guess to (1), could I use the DVMEGA abroad?
3. Could I make a radio-to-radio contact without using a public repeater?
4. Relating to (4) would it be possible to use a DVMEGA at both ends to effectively make a private network?

Not wishing to spark a DMR/DSTAR argument would a better option be DSTAR?

Keeping it out of licensed areas, could I use DVMEGA to manipulated this method to 446?

My application would involve using my cars inbuilt 4g to connect to home whilst abroad.

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Re: DV-MEGA / DMR Explanation Required

Post by pete_uk » 30 Sep 2016, 18:54

1. No
2. As long as its within a amateur allocation
3. Simplex? yes
4. DVmega to DVmega? I suppose you could

D-STAR has its advantages as it was created for us hams so it has some features that are useful to us. Nothing wrong with DMR though.

446? It will depend on the hardware but given DVmegas ship to america I guess they will go up to 450??

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