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Re: Recording of QSO's

Posted: 10 Apr 2016, 07:53
by daz3210
Could there be arguments regarding copyright with any recording?

For example, with GB2RS, the transmission has a bit that says the RSGB retains copyright of all transmissions. On that basis, is there an argument that strictly speaking anything said is copyright of the originator, and thus any recording in this manner is not actually legal under copyright rules? Of course the penalty is very little in any event.......

Re: Recording of QSO's

Posted: 10 Apr 2016, 08:38
by sierra_za
I don't think you would get anywhere with a copyright. Amateur bands like any broadcast band is legal to scan (in the UK at least) and there is no detail on whether recording is prohibited.

As someone else mentioned on FB, you could never stop the recordings overall as some people do record snippets and post them on the likes of YouTube - this is part of what kicked off the issues up north with G1XCC and TG235.

The difference being now is that no-one would require any recording set up or spend time doing so - it would all be done for them. So any criminal for instance that is tracking M0xxx doesn't have to do so live, they could access his transmissions when time permits.

It may seem far fetched, but this is part of how some fraud, identity theft, house / car break in's, hijackings etc are planned. Plus a much as amateur transmissions are open, when you have a qso on a UK talk group, you don't expect someone in Russia to be listening to the conversation.

I believe that the focus should be trying to get the DMR system to works well for amateurs - not focus on how pretty the dashboard is and how to share boring conversations from Ukraine with the Americans.

Re: Recording of QSO's

Posted: 10 Apr 2016, 14:46
by daz3210
As I said earlier, there is probably very little penalty from the copyright point of view.

Could there also be potential for issue surrounding data protection? We often give out details of a personal nature. By recording it, there is potential for data protection law being broken. Take as a for instance, with CCTV operators have to warn that CCTV is in operation, and when it is recording they have to give notice of where such recording can be accessed (usually a phone number is sufficient). So, does anyone regularly recording DMR audio have to give such information. The only practical way of doing that is to broadcast it at intervals. BUT, as we all know broadcasting is not permitted under our licences.

Personally I think that routine recording may well not actually be legal......