UK DMR...whats going on??

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Re: UK DMR...whats going on??

Postby LeakyFeeder » 12 Apr 2016, 22:42

sec1223 wrote:Hmmmmm. What to do.. do I tell you how to sort it or do I leave you to sort it out fir your self as mentioned before.

After all, all the info is on the net as they say

Will take it into work this sat n get our radio man to show me exactly where ive screwed up... Only need showing once :D

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Re: UK DMR...whats going on??

Postby sierra_za » 13 Apr 2016, 18:06

LeakyFeeder wrote:I honestly dont think the repeaters have the capacity to handle DMR traffic if keeps growing as it is...

Another point is come my local box appears to be in use yet i receive nothing....? Are there secret groups n calls going on...cos somebody is using it

Your repeater could be in use on another talk group thus you are unable to get into it and it will come up as busy.

There is a Rx group setting which can be used so you can hear traffic on a slot even if you are not on the active talk group.

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