Nato 200 tx problems

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Nato 200 tx problems

Post by swlandy » 23 Jun 2018, 17:18

Hi, i have a Nato 2000 with tx problems if anyone could help please. RX is fine
I have followed old threads on here and come up with the following
The symptoms being, low transmit power whichever position the power switch is in, ie half way over on meter
FM /ssb transmits ok but at this low power.

AM no output at all, i measured the voltage on Q30 test point as follows
FM and AM rx about 0.7v on receive, transmit FM about half a volt more
AM drops to practically zero on tx
With these symptoms do you suggest i replace this transistor or is there something else i should be checking before ?

Bear in mind i have been reversing a mod putting the original crystals back from a relay driven mess that was intermittant from years ago. This all went well and it all worked previous to me carrying this out, so it made me think i have dislodged or missed a wire link etc

Also the wires from the NB switch have been removed, to accommodate bleep switch, these wires for NB have fallen off from the circuit board (no idea where from), one being the pink/white wire, i presume this is rx only issue which i am not bothered about anyway

Many thanks for any help to get it back functional again

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