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Re: @sammy

Post by Snake Plissken » 02 Aug 2017, 15:16

Hi Sammy!

Yeah, +1 that....maybe I will get a little further now I have replaced the electrolytics (I uprated all those nasty 10v ones too hehe).

It does have some of that nasty glue goo present at the back of the radio...same goo that is present in the back of Lincolns securing the ferrite rings, taking out their final stages due to short circuits :lol:

This is sat on top of L44 near the driver TR...
Always worries me when I see it....
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Re: @sammy

Post by dt307 » 23 Aug 2017, 11:59

installed a 2sc2166 with thermal diode as a driver removing the mosfet set @0.69v 50ma.
i didnt have the correct biasing part and didnt want to change all the circuit and this board was designed in the first place for a 2166 so was the easy and best option.
installed a new pair of 13n10 for the finals set @3.6v. (if i have a pair of 1969's about they would have been installed)
ssb was rough gritty and way ott audio and fm power @50w max way too much.
no fm max power adjustment???
set the max fm power @20w by detuning the tx strip and ssb @20w also
now damn this sounds good on ssb ultra loud and clear.

no s/rf meter working ..... the normal analog one works fine just the one on the lcd not working on rx or tx.

anyone know if there is a way to turn it off and on?

if not i will have to trace back from pin69 sy204 the dac input and see whats wrong

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