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Kenwood tm-g707 ptt

Posted: 08 Oct 2018, 14:49
by BaZZa777
I have a tm-g707
I'm looking for a simple way to wire external switch for ptt whilst driving
The 6 pin mini din connector on front does work the ptt by grounding pin 3
But this also mutes the mic
Any help/advice apreciated
Thanks Barrie

Re: Kenwood tm-g707 ptt

Posted: 20 Oct 2018, 22:29
by satelitesid
Most modern amateur mics are a TACT switch or microswitch.
Simply bring a couple of wires off the internal switch, ideally wire them to a 3.5mm jack socket on mic case, and then a lead to external switch.
But why would you want to? Have you got mic hanging up in front of your mouth??
I am confused