Comet GP15

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Comet GP15

Post by M1JWR » 08 Jan 2017, 18:57

Was given one of these recently
its knackered on 2m, open swr
i used to have a sirio triple bander that had the same problem and gave it away
the guy i gave it to took it to a friend and he replaced some or all of the caps
inside near the base, and now its working fully again, apparently the sirio was
a comet and badged sirio.
So i think this would be a fairly easy fix
It has 7 caps inside and no corrosion, the caps are as follows
30j 500v x2
16j 500v x2
13j 500v x1
1.5c 500v x1
1c 500v x1
i take it the j ones are pf and the c ones are uf
anybody done this one before, any other problems to look out for
and the best place to get the caps from
regards to all

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