Uv-82 help

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Uv-82 help

Post by bugsy » 01 Dec 2016, 14:43

Hi Everyone,

Got another Baofeng UV82 handheld but left a little confused when it came.

My old one was the normal uv82 but i decided to get the newer one because of the single PTT button which is the UV82HP.

The back sticker says uv-82 but i cannot set the single ptt and have only high and low power which is another feature of uv82hp having 3 power settings.

So i put it in chirp and low and behold said radio was incorrect under a UV82HP but works fine under just UV82 however the firmwares are diffrent to my original one.

So what i want to know is do you reckon this might be a fake or is this just a revamped version of uv82 nothing more as the ptt buttons on the side are also not like a rocket there seperate.

Does anyone else have one similar?

Thanks for any replies :)

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