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Online Foundation course

Post by Road_Hog » 26 Jun 2015, 21:05

For those in the Midlands (and possibly further), Wythall Radio Club is about to run another online Foundation course.

The course is about 6 weeks, all the material will be available for download prior to the course and then it will be through a teacher/student website that is geared up for distance training and you can interact with everyone else and is kind of an online class room environment.

You can then ask for help on anything you didn't understand. You will be expected to purchase the Foundation book (about £6 from memory) as reference to this is used in the course and it really should be the cornerstone of anyone going for the exam. The club can supply the book if you can't find it elsewhere, and they take Paypal as well as other methods.

All this is done from home, and whilst you are expected to follow the weekly updates promptly, the good thing is, unlike having to attend a class in the evening, if you're a bit busy that day, you can always do it the next day. Of course, it doesn't replace being in class with face to face interaction and you do have to be focussed and committed.

At the end of the course, you would have to make one visit to the club (a couple of hours) to do the practical and then a second visit about a week later to sit the exam. But that is a lot less travelling than a class room based course. If you are too far away, but can arrange a practical and take the exam locally, then that is another option. But I'd check that is available and at the timing is good, you must do the practical prior to taking the exam.


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