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Re: Picking A Callsign Now Passed Foundation

Post by GW0DIV » 28 Feb 2015, 17:49

andymuza wrote:Congratulations on your passes folks but you all need to count your blessings. You got to find out the same day if you passed or failed and have to wait 5 to 14 days to get your call.

Back when I took my RAE I had to wait 3 months to find out if I had passed and then had to wait a further 14 days to get my callsign through. If I had wanted a callsign of my choice I would have had to reserve it and then wait till it was was issued which could have taken years.

So don't worry about a 14 day wait use that time wisely and listen on the bands to get last minute hints and tips of great operating practices and procedures or to erect a great antenna or get them last few bits in there place in the shack LOL ;-)
You were lucky!! In 82 I took the exam in March, got the results in August and my GW6 call in October, and I had no choice at all in which three letters I had!! We were just given the next three on the list!!

We also walked 15 miles in the driving snow to work a thirty six hour day down 't pit before going home to be horribly murdered in our beds every night!!

Tell foundation candidates that today and the just won't believe you!!


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