Newbie here.. help please

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Newbie here.. help please

Post by Paulcobra » 16 Oct 2017, 16:22

Right i have a grecom psr-295, i bought this second-hand so it has some frequencies programmed into it already.. my question is can i listen to Birmingham airport approach or departure? If so how do i do it?
Cheers guys

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Re: Newbie here.. help please

Post by Admiral » 16 Oct 2017, 22:06

Hi and welcome to TM1.

If you don't already have it then the user manual is here: ... r-295.html


BIRMINGHAM Approach: 118.05
BIRMINGHAM Approach: 131.00
BIRMINGHAM Ground Control: 121.80
BIRMINGHAM Radar: 118.05
BIRMINGHAM Radar: 131.32
BIRMINGHAM Tower: 118.30

Can you receive approach and departure? That depends on where you are, with the rubber antenna it came with then you will need to be within a few miles of the airport, with an external antenna then you will need to be within 10-20 miles max.
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