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Post by Spenny » 20 Dec 2016, 22:21

I am New to this Forum, and would like any Members help with regards my: LOWE HF-225, bought recently from EBay. I love this "Untouched" Receiver, but have found the Memory battery is Dead and requires replacement.  Also I want to replace the Display LED`s for 5mm. White/Blue, to give a more pleasing look!. Although I cannot fault this excellent Receiver, the Frequency is out by approx. 20Hz. (Can I simply tune a Pre-set Capacitor, without Test equipment to an accurate Frequency!)

I would like to replace the Memory battery with: 2x AA, Alkaline Cells. Please advise me on the Lithium one`s Voltage and an equivalent suitable Wired one!

Have any of you Replaced the LED`s (What are your recommendations)

I have a lot of Electronics expertise, but unfortunately only a Basic understanding of Digital Receivers!

Please Help!

Kind regards & Best wishes,

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Re: LOWE HF-225

Post by satelitesid » 31 Dec 2016, 10:06

Battery is a 3volt lithium cell. Should last 5 years or so. I wouldn't bother with alkalines, just put the proper thing in.
You will have a few problems replacing the LEDS, as it is an LCD. It may be that the front display is coloured perspex type stuff, so a bit of a different colour may work.
Retuning a reciever by ear is never easy, but may be possible. Try WWV on 10.000 or 15.000 for zero beat.
20Hz is not noticable, do you mean 20 khz?

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