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Hi from Flitwick UK

Post by 1968neil » 18 Sep 2018, 09:18

Hi Folks,
I'm back after a few years away from the radio scene.
I am Neil, i am the author of the original "Anatomy of the modern CB Radio" which i self published back in 2003.
Anyone remember that ? :D

I am an electronics designer and have designed many modules for CB over the years and have now decided that its about time i put some of my skills to good use !
Ideas for boards and mods welcome......

I have a few roger bleeps boards left (listed on ebay at present) search 1968neil
I will shortly be releasing the "Ultra-Bleep" board which is the most hi-tech bleep board ever produced.
Forget single bleeps and dodgy home brew modules this will be a game changer !
You will now be able to have upto 1000 different bleeps all stored on an sd card or a memory stick and they will be in mp3 format.
You want a Hygain 5 bleep that sounds like a real Hygain 5 ? this is now possible etc .....
Be interested to know your thoughts !
Thanks for reading
Best Regards

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