Phases of buying Digital Scanners.

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Phases of buying Digital Scanners.

Post by Metradio » 18 Mar 2018, 22:29

We seem to have passed through a number of phases regarding digital scanner buying:
1) User who was waiting for a digital scanner to appear.
2) User who realises that digital might be the way to go and makes a purchase.
3) User who sees others buying digital scanners, asks questions and make a purchase.
4) User who has a friend who has a digital scanner and feels he should get one.
5) User who purchases a digital scanner but neglects to see if their is any digital radio traffic local to him.
6) User who buys a digital scanner on a whim and struggles to understand it and get it to work.
7) User who buys a digital scanner because he thinks it will do magical things but does not have a clue about it and expects others to get it going for him. Then blames everyone for forcing him into buying it..
8] The clever persons from groups 1 and 2 who wait for users in groups 5, 6, and 7 to give up and sell their digital scanners cheap.
9) User who buys an AOR AR-DV1 or DV10 because it receives TETRA and pretends that he knew it would not receive the Police.

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