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Tesunho TH588 / BN220

Posted: 12 Aug 2017, 15:17
by kevo
Anyone have any experience with this android device?

Have used the f22 android's previously and have had a lot of hassle with them but this handset at last appears more robust, Just wonder how good the build quality is on it?

Re: Tesunho TH588 / BN220

Posted: 23 Aug 2017, 13:41
What kind of hassle have you had with the F22?
My F22 switches the WiFi off if it is left for longer than 10 minutes without use. It also needs to be re-booted at least once a day, otherwise, it locks up.
The Tesunho TH580 (NOT 588) that I have is much better, but the audio socket on the side is already giving up the ghost and the lack of touchscreen makes it un-useable for Teamspeak and a few other applications.

Lets face it, in about 2 years, when our batteries are flat on their arse, and won't hold a charge, do you think you'll be able to get a replacement battery from the manufacturer / supplier?

Re: Tesunho TH588 / BN220

Posted: 01 Sep 2017, 02:41
by kevo
Sorry about delayed response,The problems i have had with the F22's that i ordered direct from China include.
- Needing to be reflashed after less than 6 months.
- Randomly switching off (happened only a few times,but very annoying).
- Volume sometimes goes in reverse (turn the volume knob up and it goes down) plus the volume knob is tiny on them.
- Had one that touchscreen stopped working.

Despite all this the concept is good with them,Very silly that there was no LED indicator on them and worse again that they were not made with a stronger casing but at least they are improving now.

What i am looking for still is a handset that
- Is Robust
- Solid platform
- Large capacity battery
- Clear and loud volume
- Non touchscreen (less to go wrong)
- LED indicator
- Panic button,ideally on top....(anywhere else is surely stupidity!)
- Speaker mic attachments,5 pin or similar.
- Cases available

And of course with support,CE and warranty.

Think i will be waiting but is what i am looking for not common since to anyone who needs a device to replace a traditional radio handset?

As for the 588,are you plugging connectors in and out a lot? Yeah the batteries might be a issue,My biggest reason for not getting more at the moment is lack of 4g.

Re: Tesunho TH588 / BN220

Posted: 04 Jul 2018, 10:33
I'm not sure what is going on here, I didn't get any notification about your post?

What has helped with all my devices is doing a factory reset.
Updates to apps like Zello seem to to be applied as a layer on top of a layer, rather than a complete install. this seems to cause issues eventually.
Doing a factory reset takes everything back to zero. Doing a fresh install of any apps, direct from Google play seems to have helped a lot.

The volume dial issue on the F22 is because of the code they wrote to recognise increments on the rotary encoder. It's a schoolboy error.

On the audio socket of the Tesunho TH580, it is hardly used. It has always been "****". I've become involved with other projects now, but at some point I'll strip it down and see what's what.

I use a SURE S8. It is about the best I could find. We can forget support etc, but the device is solid, if a bit bulky.