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internet gateways 2mtr and 70cms power

Posted: 12 Aug 2016, 10:03
by battlestarone
is it me,but the power output/erp being given to to sysops is not making it hardly worth your while running a 2mtr gateway at all,,,i have seen my power over the years being cut down to 500mw erp,,,in scotland the nearest gateway on the same channel as mine is near 60mls away using a different ctcss for access,i pointed this out to the dcc and they said it was due to demand,,,what a load of ballocks,there are near non gateways in Scotland compared to England and this low power does not take into account buildings and dense foliage only terrain.

i get the impression that some people at the dcc are letting there own personal views and now there policy as it seems on independent gateways go to there head thinking it taking traffic away from local repeaters,,,where the truth is the local repeaters round here (Glasgow) get so much abuse you really could not have them linked as ofcom have failed in there duty of care to the repeater groups and local users to come down heavy on anyone doing repeater or spectrum abuse on the amateur bands with one person taken to court,then get let off and all his kit given back.

500mw on 2mtr is a joke

regards to all

Re: internet gateways 2mtr and 70cms power

Posted: 20 May 2017, 11:22
by 2E0LGZ
I got my NOV to run my C4FM gateway and my max ERP is 5watts i think its lower for 2 meters but i had no problem applying for a NOV and 5watts was accepted

Re: internet gateways 2mtr and 70cms power

Posted: 10 Oct 2017, 21:17
Need 95.417(f)