FRN client help !!!!!!

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FRN client help !!!!!!

Post by chin913 » 18 Sep 2012, 09:04

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Re: FRN client help !!!!!!

Post by knight » 21 Apr 2013, 16:55

I going to try to see if this works or not.

First make sure you go into a test room with a parrot as what ever you say will be send back so any thing goes wrong you can listen to yourself.

Set up the interface as follows for testing

Coutesy delay 500
Switch on delay 000
Switch off delay 1000
Squelch setting time 500

Vox Level On and off set to about the 3rd line up.

Now each radio may need the interface to be set up different to another radio. If you try theses settings you may find it will work.

If not just sit in the test room and keep going. Once set up it will work. Try my settings and then change the Vox levels slowly as you have set them to high and this is why it is not working. Move the Vox level down so it is on the 3rd line going up and the vox level off to the 3rd line going up. you may need to keep moving them up or down a bit to work out where to leave it.

Hope it helps.

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