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Codan 9480 Firmware Project

Posted: 11 Feb 2011, 00:19
by wind in the antenna
I've had a Codan 9480 for a while and its performance is excellent but there is one thing which is really frustrating about it. It's an export model released in 1994 which is based on the earlier and much more popular 8528 released in 1985.

Essentially, these radios are the same with the only significant hardware differences being the firmware held in the 27C512 EPROMs and the front panel consoles or alternatively remote head units.
In performance terms, the 9480 has just 15 channels held in EEPROM whereas the 8528 has 99 channels held in EEPROM and another 501 burned in into the EPROM. Additionally, the 8528 can go all the way up to 28MHz (at reduced power to prevent overheating the relay switched pre-select filter).

I've tried the 8528 version 6.0 firmware in the 9480 and it seems to work just fine but with the keypad being mapped differently, all the buttons do the wrong things.

So, I'm looking at hybridizing the two firmware codes in an attempt to get extra memory channels an TX range on my 9480. EPROM emulators seem really expensive but I've found a 27C512 kit from Elektor published in issue 347, October 2005. This looks like it might be up to the job of poking around with the code and seeing if I can get anywhere with it.

I'm not by any means versed in 80C32 assembly language so I might not be up to the job, but hey, I'm sure I'll learn something along the way. Does anyone know a good disassembler for this environment ? I've tried a couple but they seem to make a right royal pig's ear out of it.


Re: Codan 9480 Firmware Project

Posted: 27 Jun 2018, 01:43
by ntmts
Good morning Tony

How did you go with this one, Ive got a 9313 which is the non export variant and was looking to open it up to 9470 to allow LSB etc so interested indeed on how you went with the firmware updates and if you had any files for the 9470 etc thanks sean