Licence free two-way radio services that now includes both FM and digital channels. Discuss models, modifications and other similar worldwide standards such as FRS and GMRS.
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Post by ryan_paul » 29 Jun 2005, 10:50

Dear Vale46
Yes I have used these radios wile working abroad.
Most radios are compatible with two standards.

FRS (Family Radio Service) at 0.5 watt on 462.5625 to 462.7125 MHz and 467.5625 to 467.7125 with 6.25 KHz stepping.
This system is license free in the States and Canada and is very similar to the European PMR446 system.

GMRS (General Mobile Radio System) at 0.5 to 5.0 Watt on 462.550 to 462.725 and 467.550 to 467.725 MHz with 25 KHz stepping.
This is a licensed business PMR system in the States and Canada.

All sorts of claims about the banded about on the range of GMRS radios. However in My experience the handheld radios performance is not better than PMR446. Although the GMRS has more power there antennas are no better than those on PMR446. In addition the antenna on a GMRS must be a compromise between 462.x and 467.x MHz where as PMR446 antennas can be tuned to a narrow set of frequencies in 446 Mhz.

It is also worth noting that in the UK 462 and 467 MHz are assigned to licensed PMR users and search and rescue teams. It is probably best not to cause interference with these users.

cheers and 73


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