Grundig Satellit 750/Tecsun S-2000

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Grundig Satellit 750/Tecsun S-2000

Post by MW0SWA » 15 Jul 2018, 20:12

I am about to purchase a Tecsun S-2000.
I already have a few HF receivers in this house but I really like the look on this one, I always have.
Just a few questions to my fellow enthusiasts on here.

1. Why can I not find the Grundig satellit 750 model for sale anywhere? Im guessing it is because Tecsun have the rights??

2. Tecsun??? a Chinese brand? your thoughts please.

3. What antenna ports/sockets are on the back of this radio?

Thanks for any replies, all input appreciated.
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Re: Grundig Satellit 750/Tecsun S-2000

Post by ch25 » 15 Jul 2018, 20:47

I had that box borrowed for a 3 weeks. Played with equipped and external antennas.
Looks better than it works. Even DE1103 was more pleasant to listen.
Sounds bad on speaker. Even with adjusting high/low tones.
If you want use it as communication receiver, forget it, but if you want to listen BBC on LW it is good enough.
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Re: Grundig Satellit 750/Tecsun S-2000

Post by alphard » 04 Jul 2019, 21:31

They seem to go for quite a lot of money. I was wondering how they would perform. I take it not excellent reception quality radios then.

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Re: Grundig Satellit 750/Tecsun S-2000

Post by Beefeater » 05 Jul 2019, 15:28

Hi,i have the Eton Satellit 750 hooked up to a long wire and receive all stations i have wanted,ie ham,air and broadcast frequencies. Time very soon to move mine on as very seldom switch on now as interests have changed. Anyone interested in a vgc no marks c/w box ,instructions,and power supply can PM me as it will be on the auction site very soon
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