recorded gems whilst SWL'ing

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recorded gems whilst SWL'ing

Post by tigerbay » 09 Dec 2017, 03:45

Decided to start a thread on here to see what other gems people had found whilst SWLing - please feel free to post away (if this is a suitable and interesting topic :) )

I haven't been active in a while and things have been rather quiet - so rather than bore people to death, I wanted to share my memories of what I found back in my archives from when things were really great in SWLing in the early 2000's with my old Sharpe shortwave receiver and a 30-35 metre long-wire antenna I had crudely but effectively set-up in my nan's back garden using cable I could afford to get with my pocket money from a local miniatures supply shop. Once I checked to see if there was anything more that was equally as interesting, I later digitised these recordings, cleaned them up and recently uploaded them onto YouTube (do ignore the branding - I can be very obsessive about it :D ):

I even had help identifying more information especially about the VoA communications world clip as these articles show: ... er-10-2001 ... ly-26-2002

I'm hoping if things improve to continue to hear out for anything of interest, but as you know it can be very difficult with the current conditions both financially and with the sprectrum on Shortwave

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