Realistic dx 390 question

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Realistic dx 390 question

Postby Laidbackelevenmeters » 21 Nov 2016, 22:59

Let s say I want to listen to radio Canada international on 5.960 kHz and my radio is in MHz do I tap 5960 without the dot on the keypad sounds stupid but I haven't listen to shortwave for a long time

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Re: Realistic dx 390 question

Postby Andy » 21 Nov 2016, 23:37

Sounds a bit wrong. RCI will be on 5.960 MHz (not KHz). If your radio is in KHz, just leave out the dot, so 5960 KHz.
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Re: Realistic dx 390 question

Postby Admiral » 22 Nov 2016, 07:24

Sounds very wrong as RCI stopped broadcasting on SW about five years ago.
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Re: Realistic dx 390 question

Postby nay27uk » 30 Nov 2016, 11:40

No if your radio is in MHz then it is how it is typed 5.960, 1 MHz is 1000 Hz or near enough so when you see a frequency like 5.960 KHz it is split into 2 sections, the number/s before the decimal are MHz and the numbers after the decimal are Hz, the K in KHz implies 1 thousand Hz, so 5.960 MHz is sometimes written 5.960 KHz but should actualy be written 5960 if using KHz, you only place the decimal when working or writing in MHz or up.

5960 KHz is 5.960 MHz

On an AM/MW radio at the very top end of the dial it says 1600 KHz this is actualy 1.600 MHz or 1.6 MHz to make it more simple.

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