Looking for "Datatrak" recordings

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Looking for "Datatrak" recordings

Post by codefox » 19 Nov 2016, 03:07

Hi there,

Does anyone have any recordings of the old "Datatrak" navigation signals, from back in the day (roughly 2014 or earlier)?

These would have been from around 130-140kHz (RF frequency 146.455 kHz and 133.2275 kHz, a few K on either side would be fine though) and have an odd but unmistakable warbling sound to them caused by phase modulation of the carrier.

The system has been decommissioned for a number of years (but may still be operating in Argentina and Brazil, of all places), but I've got a couple of Mk.II Locators which I'm trying to get up and running again. Essentially I'm building a signal generator by reverse engineering the Locator, and I'm almost but not quite there. Some examples of the real, transmitted signal would be good to compare against.

WAV or FLAC files would be best, about five minutes or longer preferable, but anything longer than about 5 seconds would be good as long as the radio tuner's frequency is stable (i.e. not tuned up and down during the recording).


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