Airband radio or a big rocket? lol

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Re: Airband radio or a big rocket? lol

Post by LeakyFeeder » 28 May 2013, 09:53

thelad wrote:
LeakyFeeder wrote:I have a NPPL.....
lol this guys been every where and done every thing.
Really ? Happily meet you somewhere and show you my private pilots log book... ;)

Go on be brave.... :lol:

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Re: Airband radio or a big rocket? lol

Post by thelad » 28 May 2013, 10:21

No thank you,think i have made my point lol spoken to somebody at CAA and have been told not to use safety com as this may conflict with other users in the area, not to use a red flare unless runing a large show and as a last resort as this may confuse the pilot, but i can buy an airband transmitter and request the aircraft to leave the airspace coverd by the notam as long as i have permission from land owner/freq owner and that the person using the ground radio has done a radio course or a PPL holder that has done the radio side. But the guy said really i should get the regs and make a complaint to CAA so they can send a nasty letter but i dont really want them to get a ass kicking i just want them to see how unsafe they are being! Hes checked the notams and said no problem with them.
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Re: Airband radio or a big rocket? lol

Post by kr0ne » 28 May 2013, 21:21

You could always ask the modellers to each take a large square of coloured cardboard and then line up on the ground to spell out the message of your choice... :lol:

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