ACARS and Virtual radar

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Re: ACARS and Virtual radar

Postby Turbo » 30 Jan 2016, 23:15

Turbo wrote:Hi moj i can highly recomand the Kinetic SBS-3 my location is tasmania which is 450 kilometres from the mainland australia i am using a ZMX Omni ADSB high gain antenna 20 metres of LMR400 coax cable its almost 9 metres high can get aircraft on the mainland and aircraft coming from new zealand i am very happy with the results also i am not sharing my data plus my location is remote also by 2nd of febuary 2017 its mandatory to have adsb equiped in all aircraft in australia.The performance of the receiver in the SBS-3 is excellent hooked up to a Polar-214A custom made commercial airband antenna.

Regards Lino.

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Re: ACARS and Virtual radar

Postby satcomUK » 11 Sep 2016, 18:06

Here is the latest advance in ACARS....satellite [ Inmarsat ] ACARS and ADS as provided by PlanePlotter

Developed over the last few months we have now introduced an orthographic view so that users can choose which hemisphere they wish to view.
The plots are derived mainly by reception of Inmarsat data at 3.5ghz , provided by a network of satellite ground stations around the world.


The above animation shows the system in action.
The traffic is long range/Oceanic . All standard ADS-B / Mode S has been filtered out.
All this is provided free to registered PlanePlotter users , so if ACARS is you interest , then this is the future.
Post MH370 authorities are pushing for all Oceanic traffic to log in via satellite at least every 15 mins. More and more a/c are being fitted with SatComms.
Next year , Iridium will launch a new fleet of ADS-B "in" satellites , which we will also monitor.

This is a great new developing area for radio amateurs / monitors and scanner enthusiasts and if you have a good sized satellite dish hanging around doing nothing [ 1.2m plus] , then you could join our global network of satellite ground stations.

Its a challenge .... but then that's what we enjoy most :O)



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