question on turning on adblocker

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Re: question on turning on adblocker

Post by bigbassman » 15 Nov 2017, 10:01

I use Windows 10 with Google Chrome,and all I have to do is click the green Adblock icon and click 'Enable/disable Adblock on this page'.I can do this on any site that I'm on.
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Re: question on turning on adblocker

Post by Tim » 15 Nov 2017, 20:45

So, if Adblock Plus is going to start displaying adverts they deem 'acceptable' who are they to decide on behalf of the 'surfer' as to which ads are 'acceptable or not? The name Adblocker then means nothing and becomes unfit for purpose. I don't want ANY adverts popping up or taking up room on my screen or being shown under the premise 'based on your past interests', just because I may have looked up something or purchased something that does not mean that I am interested in anything else that site or retailer has to offer, that's when they become even more intrusive. Email servers give you the option to block advertising and annoying email communications so why don't sites have an option button to either show ads or not. It's much the same as the junk mail you get in the post, mostly uninteresting rubbish that the only action that you would take on it is to burn it.

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Re: question on turning on adblocker

Post by Mattylad » 15 Nov 2017, 22:38

I use ADP and I'm not turning it off. I can still read messages on here, if the time comes that I cannot due to having an ad blocker installed then we part company. I never click on the ads.

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