DV4Mini Compact Image for RPi V3

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DV4Mini Compact Image for RPi V3

Post by acs » 25 Oct 2017, 20:01

I would be obliged for some assistance, if possible.

I am trying to find a copy of the DV4mini Compact image that will boot onto Raspberry Pi V3 so that I can add the drivers for Kedei 3.5inch TFT LCD screen (V6.3)

I have loaded the screen drivers onto the latest DV4Mini RPi software http://www.k2dls.net/blog/ but the image had been designed for a 7 inch screen making DV4mini interface too large for a 3.5 inch screen. I have tried different resolution setting without success.

I have spent 2 days trying every image that I can find on the interweb; some just refuse to boot, (rainbow screen of non-co-operation) or fail to finalise the boot sequence. {bnghd}

Sometimes one has to admit defeat, take the knee and ask for help.



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