FSK is it possible on an RTL-SDR using SDR#

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FSK is it possible on an RTL-SDR using SDR#

Postby nay27uk » 19 Nov 2016, 10:04

Just adding Frequencies to my SDR# frequency manager and I am halfway through PMR446 I just Added the first 5 FDMA channels, but I have just noticed that these FDMA Frequencies are all FSK Modulation.

Is FSK Modulation achievable on SDR# ?

If so HOW?

I only seem to be able to find in SDR#

NFM (Narrow Frequency Modulation).
WFM (Wide Frequency Modulation).
AM (Amplitude Modulation).
DSB (Double Sideband).
LSB (Lower Sideband).
CW (Carrier Wave).
USB (Upper Sideband).
RAW (I am presuming this is like a Headerless form of modulation I.E A non compressed audio File, like a WAV file or AIFF file).

Not really worth me carrying on adding those 16 FSK Channels if SDR# cant do FSK Modulation I know that some of these FDMA transmissions can also be analogue instead of in FSK but is it worth adding them?.

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