Correct way to swr a SSB

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Re: Correct way to swr a SSB

Post by original45 » 14 Jun 2018, 14:43

Thanks again for the great input. I will make a plan so I know where my swr is on certain frequencies.
Well the Antron came back down to 're swr , whilst it isn't any lower it is centralised better on frequencies I will use.

Few things we noted. The Antron went back up 2,5feet higher,still not base over ridge line but signals sound stronger even if not on the meter.

Insulating it from the pole, I seem to have 1spoint less noise compared to prior on my rotel 240.
I am hearing stations I havnt before also ,even on signal 3 the rx audio is clearer.
Now this could be one of 2things, insulated antenna,removal of air rf choke. Can't be extra two feet as it was such prior to 're swr.

So for me at least one of the above has helped.

Another notice was the tuning rings,they were gritty and dirty. I cleaned with wd 40 and 're set them this was first time around .
This seemed to make the rings need to be more centred than prior for swr,weird one.

So tempted to buy a sirio 827 but I love the antron , what ever it's faults it's a doddle to tune with those rings.
I really want to try the Imax 2000 now .

I will be looking out for a fire up stick and grounplaine kit for the Antron used too just to test for myself.

Cheers all for the help and info.

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Re: Correct way to swr a SSB

Post by spyder3 » 15 Jun 2018, 15:42

Antron 99 is considered as 1/2 ground-plane antenna. It's a bit shorter, but it has a coil where your adjustment rings are. Therefore, counterpoises are not required for it opposite to 1/4 and 5/8 one. That means grounplaine kit makes no sense here.
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