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Post by chazwozza » 06 Jan 2018, 23:26

They work better at height it's a tough Aerial to beat that's for sure maybe mount on some kind of telescopic mast?

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Post by 108EH002 » 07 Jan 2018, 00:08

Tim wrote:
24 Dec 2017, 18:36
My main antenna is a modified 1/2 wave vertical which is not taped up in any way or form on the section joints or connection points, yes, it will get a bit of moisture ingress but it allows it to breath and dry out. The very nature of metal getting hot and cold will with hollow tubing, condensate inside anyway so if you have it all taped and sealed up that condensation cannot escape and you end up with a water filled antenna that corrodes and breaks down quicker. The most important thing is to keep all the joints tight and not let them work loose, that's where most problems occur in my experience.
Unless its an antenna that is not an end fed vertical like an 827,plenty diameter for water to escape inside as there is a run off cone exactly for this inside.Tape them well up at all the joins as tape is cheap and £100 isnt eh.,but especially the top 2 as the second top has 2 self tappers and the top section has a grub screw,the rest of the sections are swaged so cant fall inside.Make sure you get the vibration ring for birds/wind bending the legs and cover the nuts (8×2) on the underside with brown mastic,better safe than sorry for a quid.I just use an Imax with white taped joins,2" above and below the metal joins as the nuckles that form each join are just glued on the outside fibreglass.
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