Best Linear for 27 MHz?

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Re: Best Linear for 27 MHz?

Post by Unit 148 Mobile » 18 Aug 2017, 11:35

Tim wrote:In the specs for the KL-505 it gives the output power on SSB 'up to' 300W so that means it may just peak at 275 (ish). Like I said before, to get 500 or more out you need an HF linear.

What what peak output do you think I should see from my 1500W amplifier?

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Re: Best Linear for 27 MHz?

Post by Tim » 18 Aug 2017, 12:26

Depends, what make is it? Is it solid state or valve? Output power will depend on what you put into it and without knowing the specs and put a good power meter that will read 2K between it and your antenna I couldn't make a guess.

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Re: Best Linear for 27 MHz?

Post by JAFO » 30 Aug 2017, 07:18

I liked my Skipper 300 and recommend one highly. 600w pep when working tip-top, and due to the 1 driving 3 design, tends to provide the equivalent of RF speech processing on SSB for that extra punch!
- though they usually could use fresh tubes (8950, 6KD6*) and/or fresh high voltage supply doubler caps to get it up to spec.

It's also nice that it only requires about 12w-20w pep to fully drive it.

I would still have mine if it weren't for a local (dummy) CBer who wanted to swap for one, so I did and took home his Drake L4B, repaired the forty-cent HV lockout protection resistor he blew when he powered it up with the case open, and voilá, had a smart 1200w pep. :thumbup:

*Running 6v filament 6KD6 tubes require you series every 2 tube socket filaments, since the stock 8950 sweep tubes utilize a 12v filament.
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