Anybody got a President Taylor III adivise/opinion needed?

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Post by Guzzy » 29 May 2008, 14:54

Wizard TV Productions proudly presents.... :lol:
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Post by Anon » 30 May 2008, 05:54

Guzzy wrote:Wizard TV Productions proudly presents.... :lol:
Can i come to the premier?

Just one last thought(this threads getting a bit long :wink: )

It appears because of the multinorm and now lack of cb licence that radios are no longer type approved marked ie/cb 27 81 or pr 27 gb?

So therefore if i was to buy the nicer looking silver taylor II from france in theory they would have the very same resistors in it so cutting the right one and possible replacing another would then make it legal here in the uk?

but could i legally buy one from france and bring it back here?
Also back to the beep thing surely there is a componant that can be cut or removed to stop it in its tracks forever?

And furthermore upon reading the 120 channel mod it appears you only cut one wire and leave all the other resistors exactly where there are so couldnt that wire be joined to a discrete switch somewhere so you can switch between 120 and uk legal or whatever the radio was originally configured for?

I mean its not an eprommed rig is it?therefore reconnectimng that one wire should return it to factory settings so connected to a switch it could be disconnected and reconnected when need be :wink:

Just a thought?

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Post by jazzsinger » 30 May 2008, 08:49

the one drawback to silencing the channel beep on the taylor 3 is that when it changes bands in export mode the tone of the beep changes to let you know which band your on.

the harry 2 reads out the bands on the display as A B C after modification too export also changes beep tone.

it should be simple too add a spst switch to the back of the radio to switch between euro norms and export mode on taylor 2 and 3

on the harry it can also be done with a dpdt switch being used,the white wire should be switched out of circuit on one pole when the switch is in the export position on the other pole that is wired to the 3 pin easy method of wiring the switch too the jack without having to solder wires too the individual pins on the jack is to get a 3 way wire with jumper sockets fitted like those found on computer fans.

the walker,johnson 2 and jackson 2 would be done exactly the same way as the harry.but instead of 120 ch in export mode they all give 400 ch.

they could all be done via the ext sp or s meter socket if fitted by disconnecting that function and wiring a relay inside the radio and using a shorted plug to switch the relay.this would leave no switches showing externally but it would cost the use of either s,meter or ext speaker.
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Post by Guest » 31 May 2008, 05:15

The designer of the HM Jackson II tells me they can be expanded the same push button/button way that his Jackson II can be so easily done.
the one drawback to silencing the channel beep on the taylor 3 is that when it changes bands in export mode the tone of the beep changes to let you know which band your on.
Thats a fact, there is a noticeable tone difference between the bands indeed.

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Re: Anybody got a President Taylor III adivise/opinion needed?

Post by cb4ever104 » 15 Aug 2018, 11:31


Just adding some information to the end of this thread. Bought 3 NOS Taylor II "Classics" a few months back . Sold 2 of them and finally got round to having a look at mine. Before I start I just want to thank the user that linked to the 2 pdfs with the resistor and white wire info
. Anyway. On power up I had the default 40 ch CEPT AM "E" band on the screen. Opened it up and cut the 3 resistors for the UK bands. Radio now says "U" on the screen and is 80 channel FM (81 and cept) , which is switchable using the AM/FM switch. Cut the white wire and radio is now 120 ch AM/FM (lo/mid/hi). I've extended the white wire and I'm going to run it to a magnetic switch at some point , so that I can switch between these 2 states. I really just wanted to verify that the correct bands worked . Anyone doing this mod , just remember to hold the mic in whilst powering on to reset the CPU , or it won't recognise the switch change. Here's a few photos of the inards to go with the black and white pdfs.
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Re: Anybody got a President Taylor III adivise/opinion needed?

Post by CaptainKirk » 22 Aug 2018, 13:23

very handy to know I've got a Taylor 3 which is the same.
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